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Hey I changed my main blog’s username to here-snipey-snipe so if I’m following you it’s through that name

So I’ve started my one edit per chapter thingy for Naruto but it’s all on my tablet and I have to upload it from my computer to get the format i want and I’m too lazy to do it so I have 342 mangacaps just sitting all by themselves on my tablet. expect them soon. I hope


goddammit al

(print for matsuricon, will probably undergo a few more changes before printing, but for now i’ve got other things to work on)


I saw this dress and it reminded me of Maka so I drew her wearing it but I’m lazy so it’s not a spitting replica of it



Been waiting a year to post this.

I dont think i ever hit reblog faster to beat the clock

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i think we’re all just a bunch of nerd weebs waiting for anime to be mentioned