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Mirai Nikki + text posts part 1/???

kaen-daughter-of-loki replied to your post: Hey guys sorry i havent been posting a…

Glad to have you back



Okay, I know I said that AlxMei is more obvious in the manga than it was in Brotherhood, but… seriously. It’s far more salient in the manga. Everybody ships it. Everyone.

Mei (of course)…

…Yoki… Winry…

… Zampano… Jerso…

…Scar…Dr. Marco…

… Winry…

… did I mention Winry?

Hey guys sorry i havent been posting anything, my dad broke my laptop by accident and we all know how mobile blogging is -_- but I’m back!

Generic anime opening:

  • Begin with shot of nature or a city and zoom off to point at the sky and clouds
  • Main character montage
  • View pans across a lineup of supporting characters
  • View pans across a lineup of the bad guys
  • See main character holding his/her hand up to the sky
  • Evil Nemesis vs Main character fight
  • Finish with shot of good guys staring at the sunset/ main character running into the light/ Main character running toward bad guy

I’m just so glad that one of my own gifs is getting so many notes :’D Love you all